The Ball

The ball was to take place on the 5th of October. Traditionally a grand occasion, all the lords and ladies of the land were to be in attendance. A vast wealth of wine and food was on the menu for the evening. It would be a ball to remember, celebrating, only once every ten years, the changing of the seasons.

Micheal never looked forward to these sorts of occasions. Formal attire and formal speech had never suited him. He preferred casual meetings, not straight-laced gatherings which held not meaning after all this time. 

Sam’s life revolved around waiting for such events. The lights, the sounds, everything about a party excited her. And the dresses! The dresses that the ladies wore and the suits the men dressed in were what Sam’s dreams were made of.

Micheal dressed that evening in a fine suit. He would be the envy of every man and the desire of every woman in attendance. He was not happy about it. Simply because he mother thought it imperative his presence that evening be noted, he was going. Forced, would be the right word. 

Sam dressed in a hurry. Her maids could hardly keep up with their eager charge. One held her down while another adjusted her skirt and hair. She begged her father to go and after much appealing to his good nature he had conceded. She loved the changing of the season’s festival. Such tradition! 

Micheal arrived in a pearly coach pulled by coal mares. He stepped out onto a lavender carpet and walked into the ball alone.

Sam arrived in a cherry oak coach pulled by white steeds. She jumped down without assistance onto the lavender carpet and barreled her way into the ball alone.  

Micheal tried to avoid any and all social interaction. He picked up a drink and found himself a deserted corner to hide in. He preferred people watching more than actual interactions. He hoped his mother wouldn’t notice he’d arrived.

Sam dived into a crowd the second she stepped through the door. More like a heat seeking missile than a wall flower she prowled from group to group looking for the best discussions. She hoped her father would notice she’d arrived.

He saw her first. She was dancing in a circle with a few other girls. Dressed in an exceptionally fancy dress, he thought she looked ridiculously childish. He hated when she dressed like that.

She saw him first. He was standing in a corner alone. Dressed in a simple black tux, she thought he looked devilishly charming. She loved when he dressed like that.

She walked towards him. He wanted to run away but decided he wouldn’t get very far. Even dressed like that, he had witnessed firsthand how fast she could maneuver. 

She walked towards him. She wanted to run to him but decided it wouldn’t look very lady-like. Dressed as she was, she knew she must behave.

“Sister.” She reached his corner all too soon and suffocated him with her embraced and perfume.

“Brother!” She finally reached him. She held her arms out wide and squeezed him wholeheartedly. 

Even with all the town in attendance, he could not escape from family.

Even with all the town in attendance, she could always find family.


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