Sympathy for a Monster

There once was a queen far more ruling than any others. Never a sign of weakness in either mind or body; confidence and courage were her virtues. With a level of mercilessness previously thought woman incapable of, she quickly put down any opposition that grew zealous enough to tempt her hand.


On a day much like many others the Queen sat in her court room attended by a servant. A loud scramble of shouts and feet rose outside the door. The court doors were flung open and a procession of few men entered. A figure drug behind two men from the village strode next to the Queen’s advisor, who always was careful to walk with the greatest air of importance wherever he went, regardless of what he was doing. Today, however, it was not forced. Whatever the occasion for his sudden visit, he felt was of the upmost importance.


“My Queen!” He proclaimed as he stopped before her. “I bring the gravest news. This thing,” He turned and pointed to the, what she could see to be, creature, slumped between the two men. “I learned to be terrorizing the local towns, spreading false rumors about the crown. After many nights of hunting we finally cornered and captured it.” All the men looked quite proud in this moment. “We ask that you justly punish this wretch for his crimes against the throne.”


The Queen looked upon the figure brought before her. Stockier than most men, his hair hung in grey tendrils past his ears until they just brushed against his shoulders. His skin also appeared grey and worn, not through age but through abuse and neglect.


“Daemon,” She addressed him. “Do you have a name?”


At first there came no answer. Impatient, her advisor struck the being across the cheek, which brought forth “No, I lack such things as identity”.


“Have you done what you are accused of?” The Queen asked next.


“Yes I have.” The creature answered this time without prompt.      


“Then it just lies as to why you would perpetrate such things. I rule over simple people with simple lives. Their greatest wish is to live peacefully the way they always have. My one duty is to make sure that happens. Why would you desire to disturb our way of life?” 


“I came into this world seeking nothing but companionship from my fellow creatures. But I found nothing but spit. Shall I not then hate them who abhor me? I will keep no terms with my enemies.” The thing spoke in a steady voice, though he avoided all gazes and kept his eyes down.  


 “But tell me, how am I an enemy? Surely I have never met your before nor have I objurgated you in any way uncalled for in my rule. Why then do you target me?”


The creature shifted uncomfortably. “You are the ruler of these people. If they treat me poorly, you would surely do the same.”


The Queen tilted her head. “Simple words from a wise man.”


Alarmed, her advisor scoffed. “Your majesty, you would call such a creature wise? This vile thing could never even hope for wisdom.” And again he leaned forward and struck the monster.


With keen eyes but a keener sense the Queen observed this. She thought for a moment, a small, telling smile spreading across her lips. She sat up rail straight with the greatest of ease.


“All men hate the wretched.” She spoke, keeping her eyes on the hunched figure before her. “Am I not considered wretched by some?” She turned to her servant, who remained by her side. “Boy, do you consider me wretched?” Under her steady gaze the young boy quaked and could not answer. “Do you see?” She turned back to the others. “Surely the most wretched of all creatures am I, to garner such fear from even those who follow me. How then should I proceed? All I have condemned to miserable deaths I would consider wicked and evil, but above all bad; deserving of such fates as I have set down. But not wretched; never wretched.” The Queen rose and descended the few steps setting her above the room. “Life, unfair, seeming only to breed disease of the human heart; its significance is not lost on me, and therefore I will defend it where I see fit.”    


At this the bowed figure raised his head. Others turned away at the sight, but the Queen did not shy away. She found herself oddly drawing into the monster’s intricate features, some gentle, others sharp, molding together into something which gave off a genuine sense of misinterpretation. “You will not die today, or any other day. You will live as long as I surely will.” Touching his shoulder, the once despised rose from his position and followed the Queen out of the court, unburdened from his previous bonds brought on by humanity.


*Note: Back from poetry with a vengeance! Can anyone guess what this is inspired by? It’s a classic novel written by a woman…


Poem #2 (Main Character)

I am not the main character of my life

I am the friend

The side-kick

The background music

I am not the focus

My life revolves around

Making certain those around me

Are ok

Are well

Are happy


Because I care

Because I am not the focus

Whether I am content

Or not

Is irrelevant

I do not have the spot light

I do not have the lines

I do not give the inspirational speeches

I do not save the day

Or win any hearts in the process

I am the backdrop

The scenery

I am not the main character of my life

*Note: Another poem? I’ve been into them lately… I’m sure everyone has felt like this at one point or another. It is an old poem, one I have held onto for years! It’s very dear to me and takes me back to a tender time in my life.

Poem #1

One says:

I do not speak

People only use words to lie

And voices waver, weaken, and disappear over time

I grew tired of speech

So I threw it away

One says:

I do not see

Sight only brings pain

You see the ugliness and disparity of the world

I grew tired of sight

So I threw it away

One says:

I do not hear

The only sounds are of need

Beggars and in-complacent citizens crying out

I grew tired of hearing

So I threw it away

Another says:

I do not cry

That is a sacrifice of the heart to emotions

In the end leaving you nothing but weakness

I grew tired of tears

So I threw them away

A long time ago

*Note: I am not really sure if this qualifies as poetry, but I didn’t know what else to call it.


Dear Internet,

Due to a change in my schedule, starting next week, weekly posts will be moved to Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. Nothing else will change.

I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who reads my blogs. Though it isn’t much, I truly appreciate every little “like” and view you give me. It is my major inspiration as I continue to work towards a career as an author.

So until next time… shine on you crazy diamonds!

April Schomberg     

Pretty Boy

Today, as usual, he was behaving as a proper prima donna.

“Steph!” He called down from the bathroom. “Where did you put my hair die?”

“It’s on the top shelf!” I called up from the main floor, where I busied myself setting the table.

“It’s not there!”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes it is. I just rearranged the cabinet this morning!”

“How early do you wake? And it’s not on the top shelf.”

Here we go… “Yes it is! Look again!”

“It’s not here!”

“Top shelf to the left…”

“Still not seeing it…”

“Look behind the hair gel!”

“Oh! There it is.”

I had to fight the urge to storm up the stairs and break a plate over his head. Instead I laid down a napkin for each person. “Harvy, you need to hurry!”

A few light steps later and he was standing by my side. “How can you expect me to rush beauty?” Looking primped to the T with every hair and skin follicle in place I couldn’t help but admit he looked good. He certainly told the truth when he said he didn’t waste even a minute in front of the mirror. “So what’s for breakfast?” He asked heading towards his chair at the head of the table.

“The same thing we always have for breakfast,” I couldn’t remember the details of how I had come to live in this house with this man. Maybe it was for the best. Most speculated in whispers that he’d cast a love spell on the eve of a new moon. I knew that love spell part wasn’t true. However I could remember than he had indeed come to me on the eve of a new moon. Standing on our family’s balcony, I had been staring into the starry night like an idiot. Suddenly a shadowy figure had dropped from the sky to rest gracefully in front of me. Shocked I’d run to the glass door but was caught midstride. I remembered clearly the feeling of his chest as he embraced me as if it were his last night on Earth. Whispering sweet nothings into my ear he literally swept me off my feet to his castle.

Little did I know he only wanted a cleaning lady. Admittedly, perhaps I’d let my imagination get the best of me. But who kidnaps a young girl, in such a grand show no less, to be his cleaning lady? Seriously?

Setting prettily in his chair, high backed and carved with the most captivating designs, he unfolded the napkin I’d just folded minutes ago and delicately draped it over his lap. “Steph,” I looked up from the mound of eggs I’d been dishing out “You look like you’ve lost weight. Have you been eating well? Working too hard?” He looked at me innocently.

“Working too hard?” My voice cracked. I wanted to backhand that pretty mouth of his. He knew good and well that “working hard” barely covered the every expanding list of chores I did day in and day out. “Why, I have been hardly working at all!” I bit my tongue. “I have so much free time throughout the day it’s a wonder I don’t die of boredom!”

“Indeed. But I can’t have you perishing on me. Sit.” He patted the seat next him. “Eat with me today.”

I rocked back on my heels. Harvy, asking me to eat with him? Silently I set the bowl of eggs down and took my seat. I wasn’t quite sure what to do then until Harvy picked up his spoon. “So, my dear,” He looked between his bangs in a mischievous manner. “What do you do with all your free time?”

I felt my heart melt under those eyes, the same eyes that had captured me all those months ago. As long as I glimpsed that look, even just once in a while, maybe being a cleaning lady wasn’t so bad.