Dragon Treasure


One day in a land far far away, a boy went for a walk near the sea. He traveled a fair distance and discovered a castle on the very tippy top of a hill. “Why, this is fine!” Thought the boy. “I shall have something to explore!”


Opening the impressive front doors he was met by a ferocious Dragon in the main hall. Huffing and puffing the Dragon scared the poor boy so much he cowered on the spot, unable to move a muscle. Seeing the boy was no threat the Dragon bit back his flame. He walked to the back of the room where a treasure was stored. Sitting down, a cloud of dust erupted around the Dragon’s huge hindquarters. “How now boy? What brings you here?” He demanded.


The boy answered. “I was bored, so I took a walk along the sea. Seeing your castle I came to explore.”


“Oh, but you are mistaken. This is not my castle.” Commented the Dragon.


“But Dragon, why then do you stay?”


“Ah,” said the Dragon. “I have been placed here by an evil Witch who wishes me to guard her treasure. I dare not defy her.”


“Shouldn’t you like to kill her and be free?” Asked the boy.


“Ay, I would like that. But this Witch is no ordinary witch. She is very powerful and I fear I could not defeat her.”   


“Perhaps I could help you kill her?” Suggested the boy. 


“Grand!” Exclaimed the Dragon. “The only way you can kill her is to stab her with the golden spear at the top of the treasure. But pray you are careful! The mound is high and, should you slip and cause the pile to collapse, she will discover and eat you! You must hide well and seek your opportunity.”


So the boy hid just in time. The front doors blew open and in flew the Witch. She was the ugliest witch the boy had ever seen, with warts all over her face the size of mushrooms! The boy observed the Witch was very mean to the Dragon, bossing him around ungratefully, seeing as he protected her splendid treasure. Finally she lay down to take a nap, telling the Dragon to keep an eye out.


So the boy climbed carefully to the top of the treasure, careful with his footing, and took the spear. Standing over the Witch he struck her repeatedly. Awakened, the Witch cried out to the Dragon for help. The Dragon stood by and watched, unwilling to lift a claw for his captor. The Witch died shortly after.


“I am free,” said the Dragon. Standing on his two back legs, he flared his nostrils and flapped his wings. “Tell me young master, what I can do for you in return?”


The young boy asked for half of the Witch’s treasure. The Dragon happily complied and took the other half for himself.


From then on the young boy and his family lived in the castle on a hill and were wealthy and happy all their lives. The Dragon did not fare worse, flying free through the sky seeing all the evil Witch had kept from him over the years. 



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