Tommy had never seen such an amazing sight, and stood in awe of it. Before him, standing an incredible sky scraper tall, was a T-Rex. Tommy had always wanted his own T-Rex, and had wished and wished for one for years (least that was what it seemed like to him. In all actuality it had really only been about a week).

Truly, there he was!, standing before Tommy with his short arms twitching, his big feet stomping, his sharp teeth gnashing, and his beady eyes searching. Tommy stared up in wonder, beside himself with joy. How had this happened? He wondered but only a moment. Then his true nature kicked in and he ran around to the back of the dinosaur to his tail.

Flip, flap, went the tail. It took all of Tommy’s skill just to latch himself onto it. Then climb, climb up! Up the tail, up the legs, up over the back and shoulders, clear until he sat atop his Rex’s head. There, he could see for miles and miles around, just as if he sat atop a real tower.

“Tommy!” His mother called. Turning from the window, Tommy ran to his parents just before the elevator doors shut with a bing, taking them down to ground level.

Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there existed a beautiful maiden and a terrible monster. One day the terrible monster came across the beautiful maiden by the creek washing laundry. “To have such a beautiful maiden as my own, what a thing that would be!” He said to himself.

Approaching the fair maiden, the monster bid her a good day. Without being frightened by the monster’s hideous appearance, the maiden calmly replied. Sitting himself next the bank, the couple talked of the weather and crops until the maiden finished her task.

“I must go now.” Said she.  

“Do not leave me,” Bid the monster. Springing up, he gripped her shoulders and held her close. “You are the only one who does not shy away from my appearance. In the short time we have spent together I have fallen deeply in love with you. Marry me.”

“I cannot,” The fair maiden testified.

“You must. Come with me or I will steal you away by force.”   

“How cruel it would be for you to take me away.”

“But I must have you.” He tried to convince.

“I love you, I do. But I already belong to another whom I also love, but more dearly and deeply than you are capable of. Should you take me now none of us shall ever be happy. Leave me and endure loneliness alone, so that I at least will have a chance to know happiness.”

The monster subsided and released the maiden. “I will never know love.”

“Perhaps not,” The beautiful maiden stated. “But if you wish me well and send me on my way with your blessings, you may know happiness.”

So with his blessings away the monster sent the maiden to the one she truly loved. She lived happily for the remainder of her life and died content. The monster himself led a content life, visiting the maiden from time to time, and died without regret; but forever after meeting the maiden, only to let her go her own way, did he carry a pot of sorrow within his heart incurable by all.

To Have Loved and Lost

“This is so romantic.” He thought to himself. Watching his woman of choice slowly sip on a fruit drink of her choice, he couldn’t help but wonder why she’d felt the need to lounge on the bar top while sipping said drink, but he hadn’t complained. Now, however, he grew impatient. Touching her elbow, she paused, swallowed, and looked down at him.

He motioned to the bar stool next to him with an inviting smile. Without expression, she slithered off the counter. Once again he was struck by her grace and beauty. Once facing each other they hit it off instantly, laughing the night away over trivial topics of young love.

Time to time, he would inch closer to her preparing to make his all important, life changing move. Slowly, he reached out and touched her leg, feeling her warmth curl around his fingers and pool in his palm. Her hands rested in her lap, and he cupped them in his own. Looking deep within her eyes he leaned in close and whispered in a deep, husky voice.

“Wanna go see a movie?” Leaning back, he smiled and awaited her assured response.

She blinked and smiled, then raised her perfect angelic hand and flipped him the bird. With that, she grabbed her drink and walked away, leaving him feeling very hurt and very confused.

“What did I say?”

*Note: Jaehyo’s teaser inspired me (Jaehyo is a member of the Korean group Block B fyi). If you haven’t seen it yet check it out! It’s pretty funny.


“I feel lonely.” I typed into the chat box. “No one understands me. My parents just yell at me every time they see me. It’s like I just take up space better suited for a toilet.”


“I understand.” He typed back. “I’ve felt that way before. But you can’t let others bring you down. They just want make you feel bad because their jealous. They see the potential for success and happiness in you and hate it.”


I smiled. “You really think their jealous?”


“Of course. Why would I lie?”


I smiled and typed, “MysteryMan, I think I love you.”


“I think I love you too.” Came his almost immediate response. “We should meet in person.”


I hesitated, my fingers hanging over the keys like chimes. “Ah come on, I don’t bite.” He responded after a moment.


You always heard about funny people on the internet. You also heard about how you should never trust them. But he was different, I could tell. We’d talked for months and not once had I felt a creepy vibe from him. I smiled again and typed, “Ok.”


A smiley face he sent back. I logged off and turned in for the night. Tomorrow would be a big day. He promised.   


*Note: A short one this week. Stranger danger is danger >.<