“I feel lonely.” I typed into the chat box. “No one understands me. My parents just yell at me every time they see me. It’s like I just take up space better suited for a toilet.”


“I understand.” He typed back. “I’ve felt that way before. But you can’t let others bring you down. They just want make you feel bad because their jealous. They see the potential for success and happiness in you and hate it.”


I smiled. “You really think their jealous?”


“Of course. Why would I lie?”


I smiled and typed, “MysteryMan, I think I love you.”


“I think I love you too.” Came his almost immediate response. “We should meet in person.”


I hesitated, my fingers hanging over the keys like chimes. “Ah come on, I don’t bite.” He responded after a moment.


You always heard about funny people on the internet. You also heard about how you should never trust them. But he was different, I could tell. We’d talked for months and not once had I felt a creepy vibe from him. I smiled again and typed, “Ok.”


A smiley face he sent back. I logged off and turned in for the night. Tomorrow would be a big day. He promised.   


*Note: A short one this week. Stranger danger is danger >.< 


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