Tommy had never seen such an amazing sight, and stood in awe of it. Before him, standing an incredible sky scraper tall, was a T-Rex. Tommy had always wanted his own T-Rex, and had wished and wished for one for years (least that was what it seemed like to him. In all actuality it had really only been about a week).

Truly, there he was!, standing before Tommy with his short arms twitching, his big feet stomping, his sharp teeth gnashing, and his beady eyes searching. Tommy stared up in wonder, beside himself with joy. How had this happened? He wondered but only a moment. Then his true nature kicked in and he ran around to the back of the dinosaur to his tail.

Flip, flap, went the tail. It took all of Tommy’s skill just to latch himself onto it. Then climb, climb up! Up the tail, up the legs, up over the back and shoulders, clear until he sat atop his Rex’s head. There, he could see for miles and miles around, just as if he sat atop a real tower.

“Tommy!” His mother called. Turning from the window, Tommy ran to his parents just before the elevator doors shut with a bing, taking them down to ground level.


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