“How dare you look at another woman!” I screamed, chucking a vase across the room. He ducked in anticipation; too bad that wasn’t what I’d aimed for. “Take em’ out at the knees” my mother had always said. Who knew she would be right? Stomping up to the collapsed man I sent a thank you to my past self who’d decided to wear stilettos today. Mercilessly I brought my heel down onto his shoulder. His gasp of pain made me smile in a primal way.


“Emily,” He choked. “It’s not like that—”


I brought my heel down again and again until my anger subsided. He was fine, though his left side might me numb and look like ground beef for a while. Brushing off my dress I looked down on the pathetic creature I had, up until then, considered my love. “Stupid boy,” I hissed. “Don’t consider me your fool. When will you realize that no other woman can give you what I can? Grow up!” One last kick to the gut, this one with all my strength. Satisfied I’d gotten my point across I left without much fuss for my hair appointment. Surely I would need to look my best while on the prowl for another man. 


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