Grasshopper Legs

“Food.” I thought lazily. Strolling through the school library, one could easily loose all sense of time and space amongst the clutter of paper backs and ink. I was certain it had been hours since the start of my shift and would soon be narrowing in on my lunch break. Sighing, I glanced down at the cart of books still to be placed back in their proper serial spot. Just finish this up, I promised myself, and then to lunch. Standing up straight, I pushed the cart forward with renewed vigor, placing the remaining books back one by one as I trolled the aisles.


“Hi there.”


I looked up from a particular favorite of mine with a lovely colorful cover to see a coy man standing before me. Dressed smartly in a deep purple suit, he stood with his hands behind his back, bending forward just enough so we saw eye to eye.


“Hello?” I asked, slightly taken aback by the man’s peculiar look.  He continued to look, no, stare at me, smiling. “Can I help find something?” I asked.


“You may,” He said, narrowing his eyes. Suddenly he reached out at took the book from my hands. “Oh,” He said. “This is it.” He held it securely in his grasp, but didn’t glance down once.


I narrowed my eyes.  “I’m glad I could help you.” I said politely.


“I am glad too.” His smile bloomed into a grin of inhuman proportions. “I’ll be sure to bring it back soon.” With that, he stood up straight, extending his body to its full, well over six foot length. I had to strain my neck to see even the underside of his nose.


He turned to walk away, his long suit tails swinging with the motion as he left. I glanced at the clock again. Only a minute had passed. I groaned inwardly and continued with my job, hoping for no more interruptions.    


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