Just because I am not there does not mean I am no longer your friend.

I am sorry I have been replaced in your heart by another.

I am much better than I used to be, do you not want to see?

It is a shame you have forgotten who I am.

I and all I am is lost on you.

*Note: Just a little something I spit out one night and wanted to share. Enjoy!

Magic Love

“I am ready to be married.” She cooed to her Love.


They had only known each other for two months, but were already so deeply and irrevocably in love that God himself could not tear them apart. They were perfect for one another. The Princess, soon to be Queen, had grown up dreaming of a man such as her fiancé. The same could be said of him. The moment they saw each other they knew. It was that sort of love. 


The date was set and all the preparations were made; the whole land had been invited to participate in the ceremony one way or another, for the prince loved his people only second to his bride. A week was left to slowly tickle away, teasing the lovers worse than they did themselves.


The princess, with nothing much to do until after the wedding, had taken to walking through the grounds in the early afternoon just after lunch. On one such afternoon she walked along the border gazing off dreamily into shadows the tops of the trees threw below their branches. She blinked once and saw nothing. She blinked twice and a man appeared, standing just within the reach of the shade.


Startled, the Princess asked his name. He told her, and then bid her never to repeat it. “Come into the forest with me,” The man said, holding out a hand. “Walk with me for a time.”    


The Princess had never encountered anything but kind-heartedness in her time, and being the young girl she was, took the man’s hand and walked with him through the forest without a second thought. There they talked of many things. The Princess told the man of her Love, and of her eagerness for marriage. The man smiled and told her of his loveless life, for he lived in the forest and led a cold existence. The Princess listened to the man’s story, emotions, thoughts and words, she felt her heart moved in a way it never had. 


As time wore on the Princess returned to the castle, welcomed back by her Love with open arms and a pure smile. She embraced him warmly, but a thought or two still stayed with the dark man in the forest.


She walked the next day by the forest and the man appeared again. It soon fell into habit that the Princess spent her afternoons with the man. It gradually came to pass that the Princess packed up her lunch and shared it with the Forest Man before their walks. Every evening, when he escorted her out of the forest, the man would remind her to never mention him. She promised, and never broke it.


A change occurred, and it was so drastic of a change that the Princess could not ignore it. She looked forward not to her afternoon walks, but of spending time with her Forest Man. She regretted every night when she left him and returned to her Love. Her Love; he did not fascinate her as he once had.  


The afternoon before the wedding the Princess confessed this to the mysterious man. He kissed her shortly after, rough with desire. In that moment the Princess’s heart shifted. She no longer loved the Prince, but a mysterious man who lived in the forest. She fell so deeply she swore, why, he must have cast a magic spell over her with that kiss. 


As time wore on, she did not return to the castle. The man took her back to his home where they lived quite happily together for a time. But as day’s passed the Princess could not bar her residual emotions.


She did love the Prince, but she also loved the Forest Man. Her conflicting emotions sent shivers down her spin. She loved both, but the magic man enveloped her in ways her charming prince never could. She hated herself for that, leaving the pure good behind for isolation.


“What do you think of me? What do you think of your life now?” The man asked one day, holding her so closely she felt the very warmth of his heart against her cheek.


She bit back a tear as she spoke the truth. “I wish I’d never met you. In fact, I curse the day I first laid eyes on you.” She looked up into his eyes. “I hate that I love you more than anything. So much so that I left my life and future behind for you alone.”


“I’m sorry,” He breathed into her ear.


“I know.” The Princess whispered, yielding completely to the man she now lived for. Her Prince of the Forest.  


“Such a long day…” I sighed, trailing my feet up the walkway. “Some warm food, a shower, then bed…” Dreamily, I unlocked the front door and stepped inside. “Hello!” I called out. “Anybody home?” I heard clinking dishes and giggling trickle out of the kitchen. Kicking off my shoes I recognized the noise straight away. “Josie!” I yelled. “You’re not in the ice cream again, are you?” Smiling, I threw my coat and briefcase aside and sought out my little sister.

“Josie…?” I crept slowly towards the noise, hoping to scare her. Looking into the kitchen I spotted her little pigtailed head looking into the refrigerator. I also spotted another head sitting at the breakfast bar a few feet away. At least I thought it was a head. “Josie…”    

“Mike!” Turning and spotting me, Josie skidded across the tile and tackled me with a bear hug. “Guess what?”

“Josie.” I swallowed. “What’s that?”

“Guess what?” She insisted.

What I could only describe as a bizarre blob crouched on a stool in front of a plate of barely defrosted chocolate chip pancakes. I watched in disgust as the creature sucked up another pancake through his… trunk?


“What?” I asked, exasperated.

“I got an A+ on my art project today.” She beamed.

Kneeling down to her level, I held onto her shoulders for stability. “That’s great sis, but there’s something that I want to ask you.” She nodded. “What is that?” I pointed to the creature now playing with a fork I assumed Josie had given it. Such a sweet girl.

She looked over her shoulder. “Oh, Mr. Honk? I found him in the back yard.”

“The back yard?” My voice cracked.

“I told you you shouldn’t have thrown that lasagna away in the alley.” She lectured. “I think he used to be a frog. Or he’s an alien. Let me go ask.” Dashing away from my grasp she skipped towards the creature.

“Josie!” I whispered, crouched near the door frame. Too afraid to follow I began formulating a plan to explain away her sudden absence to our parents.

“Mr. Honk?” She batted her eyelashes up at the blob. It looked down and blinked back at her. “Are you a frog or an alien?”

Blinking slowly, the creature reached out a hand and touched a single finger to Josie’s forehead. Proceeding, it let out a series of honking noises with a dash of squeaks. Finished, it withdrew its hand and jumped down from the stool with surprising dexterity. Short and fat, it waddled over to the living room couch.

“He said he’s neither.” Josie happily reported. “He said we are the ones who are aliens. How funny is that?” She clapped happily as the pudgy alien struggled to climb onto the couch.

“Alien…” I muttered in disbelief.

Gripping my hand, Josie tugged until she drew my attention. “Can we keep him Mike? Pretty please? I’ll feed him and water him and bath him and he can sleep in my bed and…”

Well Hello There


How is everyone? Staying warm I hope. Unless you are one of those people who live someplace warm year round, in which case you are cheating! Stop taking the easy way out, your miss something… life changing? Let’s go with that.

Just recently my dear aunt had surgery on a section of her spine near her neck. An old car accident injury has caused her years of pain and hopefully this surgery will help with not only her pain but mobility as well.

The surgery overall went very good. She will need about two weeks recovery before she can take the cone around her neck off (no, not like the kind dogs wear). From there it is up and up!

But before then she needs a bit of looking after. I’m sitting across from her as I type this. I’ll be spending the next few days making sure she is recovering correctly and not overdosing on her pain meds. Unfortunately, this means I’ll have considerably less time to spend on my writing.

So basically there will be no post this week. Hopefully posts will resume on schedule next week. I appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Sincerely yours,
April Schomberg

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you’re failing at life…


“Hey Mista?”




“Where was it you’s said we were goin’?”


“To look for my puppy.” The man answered for the hundredth time.


“Are you sure we gonna find him?” The little boy asked.


“I’m sure we’re going to find something.”


“Cuz’ I’ve been lookin’, an’ I ain’t seen nothing. And I’m hungry.”


“I heard you the first time.”


“Ain’t you got something to eat?”


“No.” Came the rude reply.


“What chu’ say you’re dog looked like?”


“He’s brown.”


“Is that him?” Screeched the child, pounding on the glass for impact.


“No!” Snapped the man, grabbing the young boy by the arm. “Just sit down and be quiet!”


“You’re no fun…” Pouted the boy, folding his arms with a huff.


The man’s eyebrow twitched uncontrollably before he slapped a hand atop it. Why had he done this again? He glanced over at the thin body of the boy. Oh yes. Driving around mid-afternoon, he’d passed a park full of children. It had been easy enough to pick out a suitable target. Hearing his sad story, the boy had been more than willing to follow him to the ends of the earth for his long lost puppy. It was hardly a challenge anymore. He was a pro after all.


Sleazily, he gripped the steering wheel tighter and turned a corner. Almost there now, just a little longer…


“So’s there’s this girl in my class right?” Broke the boy. “An’ she likes me, but I don’t know if she really likes me likes me, or if she just likes me. I as’ her once, but she jus’ ran off to the sand box.” Confided the boy.


“And?” Asked the man, hunched over the steering wheel in a pitiful attempt to shield himself from the boy’s attention.


“So what do ya’ think?” Asked the boy, throwing up his hands in a dramatic way.


“Think of what?”


“Do you think she likes me? I get al’ shy around her…”


“Hard to imagine.” Whispered the man under his breath.


“She’s awful nice when she wants to be. But she’s mean too. I wanted to play a game, and she said she would, but when time came she ditched meh.”


“That’s… awful.”


“Do you think I should give her something for Valentine’s Day? Bobby, he’s the one who sits on my left, say’s I should forget her. He said she was runnin’ around with Dylan just last week! But I’m not sure. I don’t remember seeing her with Dylan, and I would know cuz’ I was watchin’.”


“How old are you?” Begged the man.


“What’s back here?” A pair of legs dangled over the back of the passenger seat, kicking at odd angles.


“Sit down!”


To someone walking along the sidewalk it would have appeared that a grimy white van was driving itself down the street in that moment. The driver of said van was far too busy trying to wrangle a young child to be worried about steering.


With a short screech and a sudden stop, the van parked itself in the in the middle of the road.


“Get out!” The man yelled, throwing open the side door. “You’re more trouble than you’re worth!” Tossing the young boy onto the street he stomped his foot on the gas, slamming shut the door with force as he sped away.   


“What a weirdo!” Dusting himself off, the young boy couldn’t help but smile as he looked back on the past ten minutes. “Works every time.” Smoothing his hair, he turned on his heels and headed back to school. He had obligations after all.