Well Hello There


How is everyone? Staying warm I hope. Unless you are one of those people who live someplace warm year round, in which case you are cheating! Stop taking the easy way out, your miss something… life changing? Let’s go with that.

Just recently my dear aunt had surgery on a section of her spine near her neck. An old car accident injury has caused her years of pain and hopefully this surgery will help with not only her pain but mobility as well.

The surgery overall went very good. She will need about two weeks recovery before she can take the cone around her neck off (no, not like the kind dogs wear). From there it is up and up!

But before then she needs a bit of looking after. I’m sitting across from her as I type this. I’ll be spending the next few days making sure she is recovering correctly and not overdosing on her pain meds. Unfortunately, this means I’ll have considerably less time to spend on my writing.

So basically there will be no post this week. Hopefully posts will resume on schedule next week. I appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Sincerely yours,
April Schomberg

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you’re failing at life…


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