Birds of a Feather

Chelly walked through the door of the dive like a goddess. Physically she didn’t quite live up to this description, but her charisma more than made up for the minor flaws holding her back from stardom.


Sitting down at the bar she hardly noticed the woman sitting next to her. When she did her spine stiffened. Though the woman’s face was hidden Chelly knew straight away. She was sitting next to a whore. She didn’t have to guess. It was something you could smell.


“Hey there missy,” the bartender smiled in a way Chelly was used to. “What can I get for you today?”


After ordering Chelly glanced again to the figure slumped next to her. Jerking awake the woman sat up suddenly, her face stark pale against her fake tan and flamboyant makeup. Blinking rapidly she glanced at Chelly. They stared at each other briefly. “Sister.” The woman smiled wickedly before resting her forehead against the bar.  


Chelly scoffed. “Sister?” The bartender returned with her drink. She smiled at him sweetly and slid him a bill. Once he walked out of ear shot she continued. “I’m certain there is no relation.”


“Of course there is,” the woman’s voice sounded muffled but still clear. “You’re an escort.”


Sniffing, Chelly clicked her tongue and looked around. “What makes you say that?”


“The smell,” The woman poked her nose in her bent position.


Chelly sneered. “You are a street walker. A prostitute. A whore.” She emphasized each syllable as she turned to face her fully. “I still fail to see a relation.”


“Your high-horse is annoying…” She looked up from her slumped position. “But you and I are not as different as you’d love to believe.”


“What are you talking about?” The woman looked scornful. “Stop talking like we’re equals. Because we’re not and I doubt we ever have been.” Her lips curled. The woman cackled into the crooks of her arms before sitting up straight. No longer looking down on her conversationalist Chelly blinked and sat up straighter herself. 


“Where did you pick him up; your man of the week?” the woman asked, her voice like silk.


“What are you babbling about?” Chelly rolled her eyes at the question. “We didn’t meet anywhere. It was all arranged beforehand.” She batted her eyes. “He flew me out from California to here.”


“Ah,” she smiled back, resting her cheek in her palm. “The last guy I gave a job? We met in a bar. I live just down the block.”


Chelly scoffed. “Completely different obviously,”


“Uh-huh. Sure thing Sugar Tits.” She picked up another shot delivered promptly by the bartender and downed in cleanly. “We both work for money, though the difference paid out is obvious.” She looked Chelly up and down amused. “But regardless we are bought and sold for a set price with little concern given to who we actually are as people. It’s a facade we put on to get more business. Am I wrong?” 


Chelly sipped her drink without a word. Her rational mind wouldn’t let the obvious in. The woman sighed before sliding off her stool. “Let’s face it Angel. We are both prostitutes with little prospects after we’re too old to bend just the right way.” Chelly glanced at her retreating figure. “Let’s hope for the best after retirement.” She said just before the door closed behind her. 


Paul dressed to kill. He’d taken careful consideration to his looks that night before leaving his apartment and felt like strolling a red carpet. Destined for the clubs of downtown he whistled in the car bobbing his head to the peppy beat of his current favorite tune. He felt so happy! There was no other way to describe it.


Since breaking it off with his long-time girlfriend, Emily, he found sitting still gave him hives. But spending time with friends didn’t sound quite right either. He wanted to be a lone wolf that evening hunting for prey. Walking through the front door of the closest stop he surveyed his grounds. He noticed the bartender running back and forth between different singles and groups like it was going out of style. He smiled to himself and began wading through the crowd towards his first drink of the night.


He paid little attention to the flashing faces before his eyes, but one in particular caught his attention. His breath caught in his throat as he lost all train of thought. Wearing an extravagant dress she swayed her hips and hair glowing like the sun itself beneath the wild strobe lights. He gaped at her as others shoved past him on their way to this and that. The song switched tempo and she slinked away, strutting her long legs towards the bar.


She passed right in front of him. His breathing stopped completely. Not because her beauty doubled up close but because he recognized her. Emily – his ex-girlfriend of two weeks. She didn’t notice him at all. He watched her hold up two fingers as she ordered. Just as she turned from the counter he jumped to her side. “Emily?” He asked in a shocked tone.


She first looked surprised then coy. “Jonathan,” She said just above the music.


“Wow,” He said, honestly in awe. “Long time no see. I almost didn’t recognize you!”


She smiled sweetly and nodded. “I’m glad you took notice.”


“Why the sudden change?” His voice trembled over the inquiry as he looked her up and down.


“Oh you know,” She flipped her hair, so foreign worn down and styled. “I just wanted a change.”


“I guess…” He scratched his head. Confusion clouded his judgment as he processed the figure before him. He found himself oddly attracted once more to the girl only a few days before he swore he no longer held affections for. “Well it’s good to see you!” He motioned for a hug. Emily stood unmoving. He leaned back into his own space undeterred. He decided to take a leap and a stab. “Did you want to dance?” He motioned to where she’d come from a mere hop and a skip away.


“You know,” She looked to the dance floor then back at him. “I would rather not.” She held up the drinks in her hands.


“Oh,” He nodded. “Your new boyfriend?”


“No,” She corrected him. “It’s just that I wouldn’t dance with you if you were the last man on earth with legs. Maybe even without legs. But hey! Have fun going stag.” She batted her eyes and walked away leaving him hollow beneath the dim lights of freedom.      

It Ain’t

She’d had enough. She was never one to vocalize her deepest feelings but this was getting to be too much!

Walking into the bar she spotted him almost immediately. He sat at the bar with friends. How typical. Huffing, she strode to the opposite end of the bar and slammed her purse down against the glass counter. She glared as he turned his head. Seeing her he parted his lips and groaned, looking annoyed, and turned right back around. “Vodka.” She told the bar tender. “Let’s start with five.”

An hour later she felt significantly braver. Picking up her purse after a few tries, she sauntered across the room towards his group. She saw a woman spot her and tap his shoulder in warning. That ticked her off. She stopped just next to him, unsteady on her feet as she stuck her hips in his direction. Not without an audible sigh, he turned to acknowledge her.

“Long time no see.” She said clearly.

“Indeed.” He said and finished his drink, setting the glass upside down on the bar. “What of it?”

“You know you shouldn’t do that.” She slyly touched his chest. He shoved her hand away.

“ I’ve been purposefully avoiding you. Take a hint.” He turned away to motion the bartender.

Her breath caught in her throat. Quickly recovering she blinked rapidly and hit his shoulder. “Hey,” She said when he turned around once more. “You think you can get away with that? Rejecting me and not even giving a reason? You can do better than that.” She waggled her eyebrows at him seductively. He stared back deadpan as the bartender replaced his drink with another.

“You’re drunk. Go home and sleep it off.” He turned to pick up his fresh glass.

She grabbed his jacket and swung him to face her on his swiveled bar stool. She giggled at the image then grew serious. “I’m not saying it just because of that.” She scolded. She smacked her lips and blinked. “I really like you. I think I love you.” Around her his friends widened their eyes and snickered. She ignored them, determined to face the situation head on.

“No you don’t.” He shook her hand off his person. “Girls like you don’t last with guys like me. Realize it, accept it, get over it.” She gasped, truly hurt. Setting his drink aside he took hold of her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “I know how you feel but that doesn’t change anything. You are beautiful,” She blinked at his sudden confession. “You deserve better. I don’t have a good job with prospects, I don’t have a home. Hell, I don’t have a dog. I don’t have a nice pair of shoes for him to ruin even if I had a dog.”

“But I’m not looking for that!” She whined. “I don’t want a Prince Charming. I want you.” She reached out fondly to stroke his check. He swatted her hand away and shook his head. “Do you know how many times I’ve heard that exact same thing? It’s common for a tired, worn out guy such as myself to hear from women; though they usually know me a bit better before…” He looked her up and down once more. “I’m doing this for you, kid. Trust me. This isn’t love, no matter how much you want it to be.” With that he stood from the bar followed by his entourage. Slinging his jacket over his shoulders he patted her head as he walked out the door.

“That’s not fair.” She said softly. Looking over at the bartender he gave her a sympathetic shrug. He was probably used to seeing such things. But she wasn’t  Standing proper, she straightened her shirt and held her head high.

“This isn’t over,” she thought. “This is love, I’m certain of it. I’ll make you see I’m right. I am always right.” She turned smartly on her heels, prepared to keep pecking at her man until he could take no more and finally gave in to reason.


*Note: Thank you again to Ariel Jackson for editing!


“I keep telling you, deary; you need to find yourself a sugar daddy.”

“What would I do with one of them?”

“Get pregnant is what you would do with one of them.”


“Then all your problems would be poof—gone with the wind.”

I scoffed and focused on folding T-shirts. If the manager rounded that corner and saw two shift workers gabbing away he would not hesitate to bring down the ax. Billy rolled her eyes at my difficulty and returned to her work as well.

I thought about it. Billy wasn’t the first to suggest the idea after all. Maybe there was something to it? I did have quite the pile of bills at home and more surely on the way. I had to admit the idea of a sugar daddy was appealing. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. My parents held no higher morals and in fact would love for their only daughter to find a well-to-do man to take care of her.     

“Seriously though,” Billy piped up. “No one marries for love anymore. People such as you and I can afford no such luxuries.” She motioned to her weather-torn sneakers for emphasis.

“I get by.” I said only half-heartedly. Billy deflated me with a look.  

“You’re cute, mildly intelligent, and young.” She emphasized the last point. “There is no reason you should have to live life as you have. Dress yourself up real nice one night and hit the town. I’ll even drive you.” I laughed at her reasoning and nodded. What could be the harm?

I felt a hand on my shoulder. Still giggling I turned to see a tall man standing behind me. “I’m sorry,” He nodded to Billy by way of interruption. “But I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation and I must say your friend has a very valid point.” Reaching into his suit jacket he pulled out his wallet and opened it with a flick. I couldn’t’ help but notice the expensive leather it was fastened from. “I don’t mean to come off brashly, but I’d really love to spank you. You are a very attractive woman after all. Should you ever find yourself in need of a place to stay just give me a call.” Handing me a small piece of paper he politely bowed away, quickly leaving the scene. Stunned, I turned over the small gift to reveal his personal business card. A project manager, huh…?

Next to me Billy silently rejoiced. She whispered plans of grandeur not only for me, but herself. She was the one who made it all possible after all. I stared at the gateway in my palm. Taking hold of the card’s corners I cleanly tore it in two. Paying no mind to Billy, my all-knowing co-worker, I tossed the two halves into the trash and returned to my work attentively.

Maybe next time.   


*Note: Based on a true story!