“I keep telling you, deary; you need to find yourself a sugar daddy.”

“What would I do with one of them?”

“Get pregnant is what you would do with one of them.”


“Then all your problems would be poof—gone with the wind.”

I scoffed and focused on folding T-shirts. If the manager rounded that corner and saw two shift workers gabbing away he would not hesitate to bring down the ax. Billy rolled her eyes at my difficulty and returned to her work as well.

I thought about it. Billy wasn’t the first to suggest the idea after all. Maybe there was something to it? I did have quite the pile of bills at home and more surely on the way. I had to admit the idea of a sugar daddy was appealing. I didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. My parents held no higher morals and in fact would love for their only daughter to find a well-to-do man to take care of her.     

“Seriously though,” Billy piped up. “No one marries for love anymore. People such as you and I can afford no such luxuries.” She motioned to her weather-torn sneakers for emphasis.

“I get by.” I said only half-heartedly. Billy deflated me with a look.  

“You’re cute, mildly intelligent, and young.” She emphasized the last point. “There is no reason you should have to live life as you have. Dress yourself up real nice one night and hit the town. I’ll even drive you.” I laughed at her reasoning and nodded. What could be the harm?

I felt a hand on my shoulder. Still giggling I turned to see a tall man standing behind me. “I’m sorry,” He nodded to Billy by way of interruption. “But I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation and I must say your friend has a very valid point.” Reaching into his suit jacket he pulled out his wallet and opened it with a flick. I couldn’t’ help but notice the expensive leather it was fastened from. “I don’t mean to come off brashly, but I’d really love to spank you. You are a very attractive woman after all. Should you ever find yourself in need of a place to stay just give me a call.” Handing me a small piece of paper he politely bowed away, quickly leaving the scene. Stunned, I turned over the small gift to reveal his personal business card. A project manager, huh…?

Next to me Billy silently rejoiced. She whispered plans of grandeur not only for me, but herself. She was the one who made it all possible after all. I stared at the gateway in my palm. Taking hold of the card’s corners I cleanly tore it in two. Paying no mind to Billy, my all-knowing co-worker, I tossed the two halves into the trash and returned to my work attentively.

Maybe next time.   


*Note: Based on a true story! 


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