It Ain’t

She’d had enough. She was never one to vocalize her deepest feelings but this was getting to be too much!

Walking into the bar she spotted him almost immediately. He sat at the bar with friends. How typical. Huffing, she strode to the opposite end of the bar and slammed her purse down against the glass counter. She glared as he turned his head. Seeing her he parted his lips and groaned, looking annoyed, and turned right back around. “Vodka.” She told the bar tender. “Let’s start with five.”

An hour later she felt significantly braver. Picking up her purse after a few tries, she sauntered across the room towards his group. She saw a woman spot her and tap his shoulder in warning. That ticked her off. She stopped just next to him, unsteady on her feet as she stuck her hips in his direction. Not without an audible sigh, he turned to acknowledge her.

“Long time no see.” She said clearly.

“Indeed.” He said and finished his drink, setting the glass upside down on the bar. “What of it?”

“You know you shouldn’t do that.” She slyly touched his chest. He shoved her hand away.

“ I’ve been purposefully avoiding you. Take a hint.” He turned away to motion the bartender.

Her breath caught in her throat. Quickly recovering she blinked rapidly and hit his shoulder. “Hey,” She said when he turned around once more. “You think you can get away with that? Rejecting me and not even giving a reason? You can do better than that.” She waggled her eyebrows at him seductively. He stared back deadpan as the bartender replaced his drink with another.

“You’re drunk. Go home and sleep it off.” He turned to pick up his fresh glass.

She grabbed his jacket and swung him to face her on his swiveled bar stool. She giggled at the image then grew serious. “I’m not saying it just because of that.” She scolded. She smacked her lips and blinked. “I really like you. I think I love you.” Around her his friends widened their eyes and snickered. She ignored them, determined to face the situation head on.

“No you don’t.” He shook her hand off his person. “Girls like you don’t last with guys like me. Realize it, accept it, get over it.” She gasped, truly hurt. Setting his drink aside he took hold of her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “I know how you feel but that doesn’t change anything. You are beautiful,” She blinked at his sudden confession. “You deserve better. I don’t have a good job with prospects, I don’t have a home. Hell, I don’t have a dog. I don’t have a nice pair of shoes for him to ruin even if I had a dog.”

“But I’m not looking for that!” She whined. “I don’t want a Prince Charming. I want you.” She reached out fondly to stroke his check. He swatted her hand away and shook his head. “Do you know how many times I’ve heard that exact same thing? It’s common for a tired, worn out guy such as myself to hear from women; though they usually know me a bit better before…” He looked her up and down once more. “I’m doing this for you, kid. Trust me. This isn’t love, no matter how much you want it to be.” With that he stood from the bar followed by his entourage. Slinging his jacket over his shoulders he patted her head as he walked out the door.

“That’s not fair.” She said softly. Looking over at the bartender he gave her a sympathetic shrug. He was probably used to seeing such things. But she wasn’t  Standing proper, she straightened her shirt and held her head high.

“This isn’t over,” she thought. “This is love, I’m certain of it. I’ll make you see I’m right. I am always right.” She turned smartly on her heels, prepared to keep pecking at her man until he could take no more and finally gave in to reason.


*Note: Thank you again to Ariel Jackson for editing!


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