Paul dressed to kill. He’d taken careful consideration to his looks that night before leaving his apartment and felt like strolling a red carpet. Destined for the clubs of downtown he whistled in the car bobbing his head to the peppy beat of his current favorite tune. He felt so happy! There was no other way to describe it.


Since breaking it off with his long-time girlfriend, Emily, he found sitting still gave him hives. But spending time with friends didn’t sound quite right either. He wanted to be a lone wolf that evening hunting for prey. Walking through the front door of the closest stop he surveyed his grounds. He noticed the bartender running back and forth between different singles and groups like it was going out of style. He smiled to himself and began wading through the crowd towards his first drink of the night.


He paid little attention to the flashing faces before his eyes, but one in particular caught his attention. His breath caught in his throat as he lost all train of thought. Wearing an extravagant dress she swayed her hips and hair glowing like the sun itself beneath the wild strobe lights. He gaped at her as others shoved past him on their way to this and that. The song switched tempo and she slinked away, strutting her long legs towards the bar.


She passed right in front of him. His breathing stopped completely. Not because her beauty doubled up close but because he recognized her. Emily – his ex-girlfriend of two weeks. She didn’t notice him at all. He watched her hold up two fingers as she ordered. Just as she turned from the counter he jumped to her side. “Emily?” He asked in a shocked tone.


She first looked surprised then coy. “Jonathan,” She said just above the music.


“Wow,” He said, honestly in awe. “Long time no see. I almost didn’t recognize you!”


She smiled sweetly and nodded. “I’m glad you took notice.”


“Why the sudden change?” His voice trembled over the inquiry as he looked her up and down.


“Oh you know,” She flipped her hair, so foreign worn down and styled. “I just wanted a change.”


“I guess…” He scratched his head. Confusion clouded his judgment as he processed the figure before him. He found himself oddly attracted once more to the girl only a few days before he swore he no longer held affections for. “Well it’s good to see you!” He motioned for a hug. Emily stood unmoving. He leaned back into his own space undeterred. He decided to take a leap and a stab. “Did you want to dance?” He motioned to where she’d come from a mere hop and a skip away.


“You know,” She looked to the dance floor then back at him. “I would rather not.” She held up the drinks in her hands.


“Oh,” He nodded. “Your new boyfriend?”


“No,” She corrected him. “It’s just that I wouldn’t dance with you if you were the last man on earth with legs. Maybe even without legs. But hey! Have fun going stag.” She batted her eyes and walked away leaving him hollow beneath the dim lights of freedom.      


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