Told You So

Shelby sighed. “What’s wrong?” Her best friend in the whole wide world, Miranda, sat next to her at their usual table in the cafeteria, halfway-through another day of junior high. She focused heavily on devouring her pizza but could always tell when something was on her mind, and never failed to inquire. Shelby sighed again, this time a little dreamily. Finally Miranda looked up to see her best friend in the whole wide world staring across the room. She rolled her eyes. “I don’t know why you bother,” she said. “It’s never gonna happen.”

Shelby frowned. “You don’t know that.” Truthfully Shelby wasn’t staring across the room, but at a table of boys, and one boy in particular. Let’s just cut to the chase: that one particular boy was perfect.

“Yeah, I do.” Miranda insisted. “He is the most popular guy in our grade. In what reality does he date you?”

“My reality,” Shelby said defensively, hiding her disappointment at how true Miranda probably was. “It could happen…”

“Excuse me.” A voice, like the voice of an angel, rung through the air. The girls stiffened and turned to see the subject of their discussion standing a mere foot away. Tall, dark, handsome (for a middle school student), and with the apparent speed of an elk, he shone with radiance akin to a god.

“Y-yes?” Shelby fluttered her eyes, unable to fully register her crush of all crushes was now, currently, in this very moment, in this very reality, looking directly at her with his beautiful, gorgeous, deep, perfect eyes – Miranda slapped her shoulder, she herself smiling giddily at the boy.

“I couldn’t help but notice you looking over at my friends and I.” He smiled, addressing Shelby.

“Oh?” She got out. “I didn’t notice. Sorry.”

“No, no it’s perfectly ok.” He chuckled. Shelby swore he was the swavest man alive. “I just wanted to say if you ever feel like joining us, feel free.” Shelby’s breath caught in her throat, but Miranda managed a little gasp. “In the meantime, I wanted to give you this.” He held out his hand, offering her the holy grail of holy grails, the end-all-be-all greatest thing ever to receive from the boy you like: chocolate milk. His chocolate milk. She took it, speechless, and nodded by way of gratitude. He turned and walked away with a little wave, the cutest little wave Shelby had ever seen. The two girls couldn’t help but stare after.

“Did you see that?” Miranda asked excitedly, nudging Shelby. “Did you?”

“I’m never drinking this milk. Ever. So I can show it to our kids.” Shelby stated matter-of-factly. Turning to Miranda, she stuck out her tongue. “Told you so.”      


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