Steven (part 4 of 4)

Sara looked at Steven with sadness. How dull must his life be? Her parents long ago moved on to new and exciting projects and only saw Steven everyday because his tank had yet to be moved from the main room of their facility; and while she was out and about experiencing the world first hand he’d never seen the light of day save through a TV screen.

“Don’t you want more space to spread out? The ocean has tons of that, literally.” Sara commented over supper sandwiches she’d prepared for two.

Steven smiled. “You are so smart and yet think so little.”

“Bite your tongue,” she said, offended. “I only want what’s best for you. Keeping you lock up in here is self-righteous paranoia at best. My parents think if they let you outside other people will take you away and perform experiments,”

“They would.” He interjected.

“They are like children unwilling to share a toy. Do you want that?” She turned to him in flustered anger.

He touched her arm calmly. “Your parents are intelligent, but not perfect. True, my quality of life is probably lacking in certain areas. All I know of life is this tank and what I have learned from books and movies. But it is my fate; the limitations set down by my very existence. You think I belong in the ocean, but I am just as unnatural to that ecosystem as you are. A “fish out of water” one could say,”

“Why are you jokes so lame?” She cringed as he nudged her playfully.

He continued, “I don’t know how to hunt, find shelter, or protect myself from predators. And what’s more, the most important thing, I would be alone. Your family is my family and I would not trade that for all the space in the world. Just stay by my side and I’ll surely be the happiest Steven there ever was.”

Deflated Sara looked into Steven’s eyes, the deepest eyes she’d ever seen. “I love you Steven.”

“I love you too.”        


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