The Five Trials of Peru: Trial 4 Part 2

Trailing the Jinn king they emerged from the field to behold a magnificent kingdom of gold and glass, the likes of which could not be found elsewhere. Ushered into the main hall the men beheld trays full of food and drink and fell upon them, tasting such delicate and delectable flavors they thought they died and gone to paradise. After satisfying their hunger the king sent them to wash and change into magnificent robes fit for royalty far exceeding even Peru’s stature. The crew abode in such manner for a week, resting from their strenuous journey. On the seventh day Peru and his remaining men were summoned to stand before the king.

“Prince Peru, I have lent much thought to your situation and I am prepared to offer you a deal. I can deliver you safely to the very doorstep of the home your beloved Florette resides in in a day’s time, but you and your men must work in my palace seven years as servants before earning such a feat. If you decline it will signify your surrender in the pursuit of Lady Florette and I will send you back to your home country this very hour.”

Peru was surprised at such a proposal. “Seven years is too long a time,” he argued. “The woman I love may marry by the time I arrive, if she is not already.”

“I can assure you she is not married nor will she marry in the time you are here. True love is worth an eternity of slavery,” the king mocked. “Are you certain? Is it truly love you feel when gazing at her drawing? Or is it only obsession that has cost you so much? Is she worth it? Only you can make this decision.”  

Overwhelmed, Peru turned to his men for guidance. Lothar, the man he trusted above all else, stepped forward and without word clasped Peru on the shoulder, gravely nodding. Such a deal is all one could expect from the jinn. They had come too far to return home without seeing the purpose through. “I accept your deal.” Peru faced the king. “My men and I will serve you for seven years, after which you will deliver us safely to the land of Asia. To Florette.”


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