The Five Trials of Peru: Trial 4 Part 3

Seven slow years passed as Peru and his men served under the Jinn king. Aside from a small skirmish with migrating cannibals the time was spent pleasantly for the burdened men. The jinn, terrifying in lore in temperament and appearance, proved to be far more mild mannered and pleasing to the eye. Though they worked hard day and night the men were not mistreated. It wasn’t long before the prince became the personal servant to the Jinn king and they spent many hours in discussion, talking of anything from Peru’s childhood, his favorite subjects of study, and his eagerness to met Florette. Rather than bemoaning his position, once a royal served by servants now a servant himself, he rejoiced in the knowledge every passing moment brought him closer to his one wish and was happy to serve such a being that could give it to him. The king saw this and was much pleased.

At long last came the day the men were set free, having served their time faithfully. Peru listened carefully as the king detailed what was to come. “You will leave tonight for the land of Asia. Florette lives in a grand house on a corner in the capital. Knock at the door and a servant will answer; say you wish an audience with the mistress of the house. The head of the house, her husband, died several years ago and she now oversees the estate. You will be taken into the front parlor and introduced. When she sees you she will know you are of reputable background and listen to all you say. When she hears you wish to marry her daughter she will be very pleased and consent to the arrangement without question. Be not foolish and all things will happen as you wish.”

Blessing his journey the king sent Peru and his men away on the backs of servant jinn, flying through the air at incredible speeds straight through the night. When morn struck the prince and his men stood in an alleyway at the end of a street. The jinn whom Peru rode on pointed at a impressive house on the corner and without word took flight followed by the others, leaving Peru and fate hand in hand.


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