Love Letter

I was feeling inspired and wrote an extremely over the top, slightly old-school, love note. Enjoy the cheesiness!     


                I think of you again tonight. I could not sleep, for thoughts of you fill my head and drive sleep away with a cruel whip. Darling, how I miss you so. Your laughter, your eyes, the warmth of your hand holding mine. To say you are my sunshine is to say you have my heart, and every day I rise without you seems dark and cold. Seeing your smile fills my heart with pure happiness and devotion. How sad I would be to see a frown! A single tear I could not bear, plunging me into devastation. How are you? How strange it is to be without you by my side. Do you often think of me? You are so different than any man I have known before. You always did look the most handsome in suits. Ah, there is so much to do in your absence, but you have never been far from my mind. If I were to look at a map and measure the distance between us I fear it would seem rather minuscule. I feel so very close to you even when you are not here. To say you care for me more than I you would be a bold lie indeed. This must be love, no other emotion could torture me so with thoughts of us together again. When you return I shall cook a wonderful meal we shall eat together talking the afternoon away just as we did last summer. Hurry back soon so I may see the world around me in the light of day once more.

                Love eternally,


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