The Exorcist Chronicles pt. 6

Frozen pizza was on the menu that night. Mr Pringleberry despised using such measures to feed his guests but lacked motivation to prepare anything else. That being said, he did his best to jazz up the meal and cheer the somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere hanging over the group. Over the course of the meal little was spoken save Mr Pringleberry’s unrelenting chatter. Mr Greensly glared over his pizza at Lucy, who cheerfully listened to Mr Pringelberry’s stories. Lizzy and Timmothy ate sullenly.

After the table was cleared Lucy set to work, explaining to everyone what she required of them, which really was nothing at all. “I must do much research before anything else. If everyone goes about their normal business as I ask, I’m sure I’ll be able to solve this problem quickly.” Mr Greensly was not convinced but the others agreed listening to her would be best. Grudgingly he fell silent and nodded his consent. The demon, displeased with the way things were going, roared from the second story for attention, hopeful of even so much as a whimper to make its way up to him. The un-possessed ignored him relatively well and settled in for a night’s sleep.

Still, the group huddled together for comfort as they traveled up the stairs to their rooms. Miss Brown screamed louder, cursing everyone in the house for all they were worth. Unburdened Lucy cheerfully, albeit loudly for everyone to hear, bade the others a good night and disappeared into her room. Mr Pringleberry looked to Mr Greensly, who stiffly threw his shoulders back and stomped to his room, shutting the door without a word.

“Well,” Lizzy forced a smile. “See you guys in the morning.” Walking briskly down the hall she only speed up a little when passing Room 301. Timmothy looked up at Mr Pringleberry with big eyes. Unquestioningly Mr Pringleberry took his hand and brought him into his room. He didn’t feel like sleeping alone either.

Many hours later a full moon shone brightly, lighting up the balcony like sunshine. Mr Pringleberry snuck from his room, careful not to wake the sleeping Timmothy. He could not sleep for the life of him. Looking down the hall he spotted Lizzy standing before Miss Brown’s door. “Lizzy?” Drawing closer he heard whispers coming from Room 301, many voices speaking in such a way his very spin shivered. Lizzy stared blankly at the door, unmoving. Mr Pringleberry placed a hand on her shoulder. She started, jumping away from the touch. “I was just─” She began.

“I know, I know.”

“Do you think she’s going to be ok?” Looking back the door Lizzy wrapped her arms around herself.

“Lucy is an expert.” Mr Pringelberry assured. “I’m sure everything will be alright soon.”

Lizzy looked hard at Mr Pringleberry. “You’re always so positive. How do you do that?”

“It is my business.” He replied simply.

Lizzy shifted uncomfortably, looking the man next to her up and down. “Do you think… it would be ok if I slept with you and Timmothy tonight? I don’t like my room.”

“Of course.” Mr Pringleberry gently guided Lizzy towards his room, leaving the whispers to keep themselves company.


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