The Exorcist Chronicles pt. 7

“We have a possession in the mansion! We have a priest in the house!” Mr Pringleberry decided first thing in the morning to be the life of the party and make the most of the situation by any means necessary. After serving breakfast he invited his four guests into the lobby. Running up the stairs he parked himself in front of Room 301, so as to not leave anyone feeling left out, and began to sing more about possessions and priests sitting in a tree.

Pained moans escaped the room as the flamboyant owner pranced back and forth along the railing. “She doesn’t like his singing either.” Timothy whispered.

“It’s too early for this,” Lizzy mumbled blurrily, rubbing her eyes.

“We’re going to have an exorcism!” Mr Pringleberry jumped up and down while waving an invisible banner.

Mr Greensly and Lucy remained silent, drinking coffee while looking up at Mr Pringleberry’s interpretive dance. “Can I push him down from there? By accident, of course.” Mr Greensly asked.

“Best not.” Lucy answered. “But don’t worry, God works in mysterious ways.” With that she took another swig of coffee, black of course, and walked back into the kitchen quickly followed by the others, leaving Mr Pringleberry’s singing and Miss Brown’s tortured moans all alone. A few minutes later Mr Pringleberry gave up and came down from the balcony. The group sat down at the kitchen table to discuss what would come next.

“After all,” Mr Greensly said with an air of arrogance. “It’s not like the thing’s going to get bored and wander off.” Lizzy glared at him from down the table.

“Actually that was my plan.” Lucy admitted. “To receive permission from the church to perform an exorcism takes months, sometimes longer. I’ll continue gathering information but it would be easier all around if the demon simply bored of its environment and wandered off.”

“So that’s why we’re supposed to ignore her,” Timothy said.

“Does that actually work?” Mr Greensly asked, wrinkling his nose.

“We could always just kill her and be done with it.”

Silence settled over the room. “What?” Mr Greensly sat forward. “What?”

“You heard me.” Lucy said.

“We can’t just kill someone.” Lizzy spoke up. “That’s against the law, regardless of the circumstances. Besides, Miss Brown isn’t gone, she’s still somewhere inside.” She looked around the room. “If we kill the body we’ll get rid of the demon but Miss Brown will be dead too. Wouldn’t that be giving the demon what he wants?”

Lucy set her drink aside. “In a way, yes. The demon wants you to be scared, to instill fear into everything it comes into contact with. What do humans fear more than death?”

“Murder convictions.” Mr Greensly said. “Forget it. It’s not happening.”

“Wait a minute,” Mr Pringleberry looked in deep concentration. “She might have something,”

“What?” Lizzy asked.

Mr Pringleberry looked at Lucy. “I have an idea.”


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