Bazooka 14

Ricardo gave me Greg’s, aka Bulldog’s, address and told me to start walking. Arriving on the other side of town in a quiet residential area I began a stakeout. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this…” Crouching in a bundle of bushes across the street from a perfectly average house I looked as my companion preened himself with little attention paid to his charge. Peeking through the leaves I saw the front door of my occupation open and out stepped a short, stout woman dressed in a conservative blue summer dress, much like a grandma. She seemed irritated and briskly drove off in her car, spitting gravel by way of raspberry. ‘This is it.” I said to Pete the Bird. “No turning back now.” The bird cawed at me indignantly and flew away into a nearby tree. Probably to watch me struggle breaking into Greg’s house. Which I did. As stealthily as I could I tried every door and window attempting to find something unlocked. No success.

So how did you get in?” Officer Buck asked.

“I broke a window.” I said.

Wow.” He said, obviously awed.

“Yeah, it was pretty cool.” I admitted.

I didn’t tell dear old Buck it took me ten minutes and a broken mentality to finally put a rock through the glass, but we must agree it was for the best. I felt Pete’s rolling eyes on my back before he flapped through the opening, leaving me to squirm in by myself. Flopping inside like a dead fish I held my breath and listened. The only noise was an old refrigerator and a very loud TV in another room. I stood up, brushing broken pieces of glass off. Pete had disappeared again. “He’ll help you more than most men” my ass. Carefully I crept through the kitchen and down a hallway towards the obscenely loud TV.  

“So I really can’t have a gun?” I had asked Ricardo over and over.

“You shouldn’t need one.” He said. “Take him in without using a gun and you earn the right to carry one. I’m a broker, but I got morals too. Prove to me you don’t need a gun, then I know you won’t abuse it.”

Silently cursing him I reached the room the noise was coming from. I started to sweat. I hadn’t planned what was supposed to come next. Ricardo said he wouldn’t have a gun, that he’d be unarmed. I rubbed the set of handcuffs he’s given me between my fingers and thought of the nice little scenario Ricardo had laid out of me. Taking one final deep breath I rounded and doorframe and entered the bedroom.


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