I feel sick

I am sick

I can’t breath

What’s wrong with you?

Something is on my


an ant


my cat


an elephant!

What’s wrong with you?

The whole world

my entire life

a weight weighs me down

I can do nothing

counting the divots in

the wall

I count and count

and only grow closer and closer

to tears

What’s wrong with you?

Frustration, anxiety, triggers,


in a merry circle

we go ’round again

*NOTE: Hey guys! So this is a not so happy post this week, but I was really inspired(?) by a recent panic attack and wanted to share the result. Also, I wanted to try out a new style for my poetry as I have been reading a lot of Emily Dickinson lately, so if you noticed a difference that’s why. I hope you have a good week (panic attack free) and I’ll see you next time!


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