Update/ Take Me Too

*Note: Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been updating much lately. I’ve hit a bit of a busy streak and haven’t had much time or energy to spare. This blog is still active though! I can’t guarantee a consistent upload schedule, but just know there will still be updates. With that out of the way, here’s a little something I’ve been thinking of for a while and finally wrote down. If I could draw a straight line this would be a children’s book. Maybe someday!

Take Me Too

In a distant land there lived an old, scrunched up woman. She lived in a rickety old shack just outside of town. Every morning she walked the long road into town with a knobby walking stick in one hand and a scratchy potato sack in the other. She walked through the streets looking for road-kill—you know, the poor little critters hit by cars. Turtles, birds, squirrels, raccoons, possums, rabbits, snakes, cats, deer, and yes, even a dog or two. She gathered all these up in her potato sack with care, overlooking not even the smallest of rodents. All the town’s people laughed at the old woman. “She’s a witch!” They cried. “She cooks them in a big pot and eats them!” The old woman paid the people no mind and continued with her task. When the light faded from the sky she began the long trek home.

What the town’s people didn’t know is that the old scrunched up woman really was a witch, and once home she did indeed dump the animals into a big pot over a fire. With the addition of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a good stirring or two… The animals began to crawl and fly out of the pot! The witch didn’t cook and eat the animals (she was in fact a stout vegetarian) but instead brought them back to life, good as new! You see, this witch was one of the good ones, and possessed a heart so pure and kind she took pity on those animals whose lives ended so abruptly. The revived animals stayed with the witch and she looked after them all her days, teaching them the importance of patience and looking both ways before crossing a street.

P.S. Wow! I’m so close to 200 followers! That’s crazy! Once again, thank you to every single one of you for giving my writing the time of day. It means the world.

Holiday Post

‘Tis the season! This week we get two new (sorta?) posts. I went back and redid Bazooka Part 12 because I didn’t like the way it came out the first go-around. Part 13 (new) will be posted shortly after.

There won’t be any updates next week as Thursday is Christmas! In other news Hanukkah is well under way and holiday festivities are taking over. Regardless of what you celebrate, if anything at all, I hope you have a good rest of 2014. After today there are 13 days left of the year. Make them count!

Always sincerely,



Hey guys, I wanted to let you know there will not be a new post this week. I’ve been working on a short story collection and finally! finished it early this morning (1am I think?). Next comes the query letter. We’ll see how far that gets me.

Now that the bulk of the work is done hopefully life will settle down a bit and a new post will be up next Thursday. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!



Hey ya’ll,

There won’t be an update this Thursday as it is Thanksgiving! You should spend your time with loved ones and food instead of the internet :p The conclusion to The Exorcist Chronicles will be up next week.

As always thanks for the attention and time you give to the things I write. This year I’m thankful for that!

From me to you,

April Schomberg


Dear Internet,

Due to a change in my schedule, starting next week, weekly posts will be moved to Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. Nothing else will change.

I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who reads my blogs. Though it isn’t much, I truly appreciate every little “like” and view you give me. It is my major inspiration as I continue to work towards a career as an author.

So until next time… shine on you crazy diamonds!

April Schomberg