The Five Trials of Peru: Trail 5 Part 1

Looking at the house down the street the prince bolstered himself. From a young boy he now stood as a grown man, humble and courteous in all ways; he would be brave in the face of all he ever wanted. Knocking at the door, his men at his back, such and such transpired until Peru sat in the parlor, an impressive room dressed with the finest furniture. Clothed in extravagant silks and jewels the mistress walked into the room with an air of superiority. Looking the prince over she found him satisfying to the eye in all ways.

Pleased with her visitor she ordered slaves to bring meats and dried fruits. “Welcome to my home,” she sat opposite Peru in an overly plush chair. “Eat and drink as much as you like, but please do tell me about yourself all the while.” All too happily Peru recounted his story much to the amusement, horror, and sympathy of the mistress. “You have come a long way to see my daughter; I am honored she would inspire a man so,” she commented.

“Is it too much to hope your daughter is still unwed?” The prince asked, on the edge of his seat with nerves.   

“You are in luck; men from all over the world have come seeking her hand, but all I have turned away in sore disappointment. But you I like for her.”

“How soon can we meet?” Peru looked eagerly around knowing Florette was somewhere in the house he now sat in.

“All in due time,” the mistress put off. “First let us make arrangements for the ceremony.”

The prince’s heart swelled at the notion of a wedding. While the two continued chatting a slave girl entered the room carrying a flask of wine. Leaning down to first pour for Peru he heard the ring of bells, small but catching. Observing her he felt himself struck with the same feelings of adoration he felt all those years ago. Before him stood the image brought to life. It was her, Florette, but more stunning in life than he could have hoped. With tears pouring from his eyes Peru threw himself at her feet, kissing the hem of her dress in ecstasy at finally hearing the bells he dreamt of all those years.

Hastily the mistress jumped to her feet and bade Peru stand from his unattractive position on the ground. “My dear Peru, what has come over you? Are you so seasick you fall at the feet of slaves mistaking them for royalty?” Pushing him back into his seat she shooed the startled slave out of the room.

“That is Florette.” Peru said. “Why has she left?”

“Never mistake a lowly slave for my daughter.” The mistresses snapped. “That girl is vermin scraped from the gutters of the city. My daughter is the only one you seek.”   

“Let me see her then,” Peru persisted.

“This cannot be. It is custom in our country for the groom to see the bride’s face only after they are wed.” Turning from the prince she reasoned, “You are tired after your journey and need rest. Your case of mistaken identity is understandable in such a state. Your men have already retired for the night to rooms I have generously provided. Follow their suit and we shall begin preparations tomorrow. You will be married to my daughter within the week.”

That night Peru lay awake deep in thought, reasoning in his mind why the servant girl he had seen could not have been Florette. It had been many years since the portrait of the noble’s daughter was distorted by the sea, and the finer details of the image were forgotten. But he remembered Florette dressed in fine gowns and head pieces in her drawing; why now would she dress in the simple clothing of a servant and pour wine? Surely the custom of wearing bells in the ears was customary for women of the foreign country. Reminding himself of all the Jinn king told him Peru took ease knowing reality was unfolding just as he said it would. Thinking nothing more of the girl he fell asleep, content after so long a wait he would soon meet the woman he loved. Florette was a lady, a woman of high birth. How could a slave ever compare?

The Five Trials of Peru: Trial 4 Part 3

Seven slow years passed as Peru and his men served under the Jinn king. Aside from a small skirmish with migrating cannibals the time was spent pleasantly for the burdened men. The jinn, terrifying in lore in temperament and appearance, proved to be far more mild mannered and pleasing to the eye. Though they worked hard day and night the men were not mistreated. It wasn’t long before the prince became the personal servant to the Jinn king and they spent many hours in discussion, talking of anything from Peru’s childhood, his favorite subjects of study, and his eagerness to met Florette. Rather than bemoaning his position, once a royal served by servants now a servant himself, he rejoiced in the knowledge every passing moment brought him closer to his one wish and was happy to serve such a being that could give it to him. The king saw this and was much pleased.

At long last came the day the men were set free, having served their time faithfully. Peru listened carefully as the king detailed what was to come. “You will leave tonight for the land of Asia. Florette lives in a grand house on a corner in the capital. Knock at the door and a servant will answer; say you wish an audience with the mistress of the house. The head of the house, her husband, died several years ago and she now oversees the estate. You will be taken into the front parlor and introduced. When she sees you she will know you are of reputable background and listen to all you say. When she hears you wish to marry her daughter she will be very pleased and consent to the arrangement without question. Be not foolish and all things will happen as you wish.”

Blessing his journey the king sent Peru and his men away on the backs of servant jinn, flying through the air at incredible speeds straight through the night. When morn struck the prince and his men stood in an alleyway at the end of a street. The jinn whom Peru rode on pointed at a impressive house on the corner and without word took flight followed by the others, leaving Peru and fate hand in hand.

The Five Trials of Peru: Trial 4 Part 2

Trailing the Jinn king they emerged from the field to behold a magnificent kingdom of gold and glass, the likes of which could not be found elsewhere. Ushered into the main hall the men beheld trays full of food and drink and fell upon them, tasting such delicate and delectable flavors they thought they died and gone to paradise. After satisfying their hunger the king sent them to wash and change into magnificent robes fit for royalty far exceeding even Peru’s stature. The crew abode in such manner for a week, resting from their strenuous journey. On the seventh day Peru and his remaining men were summoned to stand before the king.

“Prince Peru, I have lent much thought to your situation and I am prepared to offer you a deal. I can deliver you safely to the very doorstep of the home your beloved Florette resides in in a day’s time, but you and your men must work in my palace seven years as servants before earning such a feat. If you decline it will signify your surrender in the pursuit of Lady Florette and I will send you back to your home country this very hour.”

Peru was surprised at such a proposal. “Seven years is too long a time,” he argued. “The woman I love may marry by the time I arrive, if she is not already.”

“I can assure you she is not married nor will she marry in the time you are here. True love is worth an eternity of slavery,” the king mocked. “Are you certain? Is it truly love you feel when gazing at her drawing? Or is it only obsession that has cost you so much? Is she worth it? Only you can make this decision.”  

Overwhelmed, Peru turned to his men for guidance. Lothar, the man he trusted above all else, stepped forward and without word clasped Peru on the shoulder, gravely nodding. Such a deal is all one could expect from the jinn. They had come too far to return home without seeing the purpose through. “I accept your deal.” Peru faced the king. “My men and I will serve you for seven years, after which you will deliver us safely to the land of Asia. To Florette.”

The Five Trials of Peru: Trial 4 Part 1


Two months passed – two men died. Pushing their bodies overboard Peru felt his journey weigh more and more heavily on his heart; he found swearing promises to widowed wives and fatherless sons seemed meaningless when he held nothing to show for all the sacrifice of others. The remaining men were losing moral and forgetting why they were so eager to leave land, as was Peru, no matter how many times he looked at the fading picture. On the second month and fifth day the raft washed ashore an island carrying a strange air. Exhausted from thirst and hunger the group crawled onto land and collapsed.

Waking to the sun high overhead Peru struggled to move his body, stiff with dried sand and salt. Looking up he saw a man standing before him, tall and frightening, flanked by five others equal in presence. Sitting up Peru felt for his sword and found it gone.

“Stay calm Prince Peru, we mean you no harm,” the man said. “I am the Jinn king, and this is the jinn island. Tell me who you are, where you hail from and where you head towards.” 

“You know my name,” the prince said cautiously. “So you must already know who I am and all other things.”

“Oh-ho, this is true. But it is so rare we have visitors,” gathering his robes the man sat cross-legged on the ground and motioned to the men on either side of him to do the same. “I would like to hear it from you directly. Tell me all that has happened.”

Peru did, laying bare his journey from the moment he first set sight on the image of Florette through the shipwreck, his time as a slave to the cyclops, the sirens, and the last voyage landing he and his men on the island. The Jinn king sat quietly, listening all the while as the landscape turned purple in the setting sun.   

“You have been through much,” he commented. “Rouse your men.” Standing he made his way towards a ticket of tall grass a few paces away. Jumping to his feet Peru hastened to wake Lothar and the others, bidding them follow.