Love Letter

I was feeling inspired and wrote an extremely over the top, slightly old-school, love note. Enjoy the cheesiness!     


                I think of you again tonight. I could not sleep, for thoughts of you fill my head and drive sleep away with a cruel whip. Darling, how I miss you so. Your laughter, your eyes, the warmth of your hand holding mine. To say you are my sunshine is to say you have my heart, and every day I rise without you seems dark and cold. Seeing your smile fills my heart with pure happiness and devotion. How sad I would be to see a frown! A single tear I could not bear, plunging me into devastation. How are you? How strange it is to be without you by my side. Do you often think of me? You are so different than any man I have known before. You always did look the most handsome in suits. Ah, there is so much to do in your absence, but you have never been far from my mind. If I were to look at a map and measure the distance between us I fear it would seem rather minuscule. I feel so very close to you even when you are not here. To say you care for me more than I you would be a bold lie indeed. This must be love, no other emotion could torture me so with thoughts of us together again. When you return I shall cook a wonderful meal we shall eat together talking the afternoon away just as we did last summer. Hurry back soon so I may see the world around me in the light of day once more.

                Love eternally,


Bad Date

I sat at a table, impressively set with flowers and a candle, uncomfortably pulling at my tight dress. My feet hurt from the high heels I wore; I knew they would give me blisters but wore them anyway. I wanted to make a good first impression after all.

The friend who set up the blind date could not stop gushing over the majesty of who she set me up with. I was told the man I would meet was good, worthwhile, kind, and understanding. Everything I said I wanted. I would be presented with a man, a real man. Finally. Lord only knew what I would give it if were true.

“Your table sir,” a deep voice said over my shoulder, and the next moment a god entered my vision. Or at least a cousin of a god. Dressed like a romance novel character I ogled as his jaw line, thinking there was no possibility he was intended for me that evening.

But there he was, sitting down across from me. The waiter hovered and he ordered a drink politely. He then turned to me with a perfect smile and introduced himself. “Hello, my name is Mark,”

“Ellan,” I held out my hand, a bit breathless.

“Ah,” he eyed it, his whole countenance changing suddenly. “I don’t like that.”

“I’m sorry?” My hand went limp.

“Holding your hand across the table like that. It’s not very polite.”

“I—uh,” slowly I withdrew my hand under the table. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know offering your hand to someone was rude…”

“Depends on how you do it.” He smiled again. “So, Miss Ellan, tell me about yourself. Where do you work?”

I dismissed the odd beginning, answering, “I work for a marketing company in the city. I actually just started so I’m still getting the hang of things.”

He made a face. “I like women who are intelligent. Do you think you’ve made an impression?”

“Well not yet, it’s only been a few weeks,”

“What are your views on Scandinavian furniture?”

“I’m sorry?”

“What are your views on Scandinavian furniture? Do you think the style fits with the contemporary city or does it more suit the modern country?”

“I don’t—”

“How do you decorate your home?”

“Regularly?” I faltered. “I suppose I don’t really have a specific taste at the moment.”

“I see.” Mark looked across the table long and hard. Just as his drink arrived he asked for the check. “I’m sorry, but I don’t see this going anywhere.” He smiled again, just as charming as before.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I feel we don’t have the same interests.”

“Are you serious?” I scoffed. “That’s it? I get five minutes of your time and then you decide this isn’t going anywhere? Do you realize that I bought a whole new outfit for this date?”

“That’s new?” He looked me up and down.

“I dieted for a week in preparation of this night. I even got a pedicure!”

“Miss Ellan, please lower your voice. Don’t be so upset. I realize your friend probably raised your hopes up. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will meet a perfectly suitable man for you some day.”

My mouth dropped open while he finished his drink and stood. “I had to take a taxi across town to get here…” I mumbled under my breath.

“I’m certain you will be able to find another to take you home.” Mark handed a bill to the waiter and, with one final smile, made his dash.

“Miss?” The waiter questioned, hesitantly looking down at me.

I unfolded my napkin and laid it across my lap. “I would like to see your wine and dessert menus please.”  

Good or Bad?

It’s not necessarily bad news, but it feels melancholy to me. I’m putting this blog on temporary hiatus (key emphasis on temporary), hopefully only until the end of this month.

I’ve let too much pile up of my plate, effectively rendering me unable to fully dedicate myself to anything; the main object being my third book. It’s taken me far longer than necessary to finish and I just want to be done with it.  

It should only take me a few more weeks to finish that and a few other things, then I’ll be right back to updating every Thursday with another completed manuscript under my belt.

Please be patient and don’t leave me in the meantime!   

April Schomberg 

How You Do

Unscrew the lid, twist the bottom, apply lipstick. Nelly fluffed her hair in a cute manner and grinned at herself in the mirror. She could hardly contain herself for the bliss she felt at the thought of her boyfriend, Jacob, visiting for dinner after work. Quietly she heard the bell to her small apartment ring. Stifling a squeak she skipped to the door letting her spring dress flap about her knees carelessly, pausing only to double-check the kitchen table was set and all prepared food was accounted for. Without so much as a glance in the peephole Nelly unlocked the door and threw it open in welcome. She wanted to slam it shut just as quickly when, in horror, she looked out into the hallway to see not her lover, but her father. 

Grinning in a way strikingly similar in manner to his daughter, Nelly’s father burst open, revealing his short, stocky build well fed on campfire beans. Rushing forward he embraced her wholly, lifting her off her feet as he twirled her around the living room. Returning her to the floor he greeted her with a flood of words and large hand gestures. Nelly stood in shock. Her father asked a question and, without waiting a proper amount of time for answer, yelled out into the hallway.   

Needing no further encouragement, a horde of men flooded through the door much like clowns flood out a car. Nelly found herself stranded in a sea of flying voices and bodies vying for space. She wanted to cry. It was not that she disliked her father; in fact, she loved him dearly. But that did not stay the embarrassment she felt at his sudden turning-up. His chosen occupation was that of a traveling circus performer and musician; his friends his fellow players. Growing up, Nelly loved it. Her father gifted her toys from all over the land when he visited; his friends related like uncles, playing music and dancing for her until she would explode from squeals. But as age took her she set her mind on the notion that other people didn’t much like such things.

Jacob was a business man; a serious one. He knew nothing of her heritage. If he found out her father was nothing more than what some people would call a gypsy, why, he would leave her and find himself a respectable woman. Simple as that.         

Nelly heard hustles and bustles coming from her kitchen. It sounded like the world falling apart. Running in earnest she saw five men plus her father seated at the table, the counter, and against the fridge. Instruments appeared from various concealed compartments often found on a person and, meeting lips, expelled rowdy music fit for a pub. But worse than that, the men had laid waste to her dinner. Stuffing the food she had so carefully prepared into heavily bearded mouths, only crumbs remained with cheer.  

The doorbell rang. Nelly stiffened with fright. Her father bade her answer, lest he answer it himself. Slowly she left the kitchen for the living room and front door. Pulling it open with far less gusto than before, she looked meekly at her boyfriend standing in the hall.

Pecking her on the cheek as he loosened his tie, he stopped just a few steps inside the door when he heard the kitchen making unusual noises. Nelly pulled on Jacob’s elbow and stuttered the beginnings of an explanation, but before more than a few words escaped her father appeared in the door-frame, loudly inquiring about the possibility of more food.

The two men of her life stared at each other. A half-hearted hello drifted between the two. Suddenly her father smiled. Jacob motioned in a questioning manner. Before Nelly could move her father did, introducing himself as the head of the household and all its inhabitants. Shaking hands vigorously Jacob continued to look at her. She shrunk and waited for the disapproval, only to hear it never come. Instead she was given laughter. Imagine: such a free-spirited man to converse with instead of stuffy suits and ties.

Already best buds, her father threw his arm around Jacob and guided him into the kitchen, much to the welcome of those within. Dazed and more than a little confused Nelly couldn’t quite wrap her mind around it. Giving up on her rational she shrugged and entered the full kitchen, setting about preparing ham and cheese sandwiches for her family. 

Beauty and the Beast

We ran through the woods like bats out of Hell. I guess, really, that’s what we were. I held her hand as she pushed larger branches out of our path; we were covered in scrapes and bruises regardless. Dogs howled in the distance and we ran faster. We had to make it to the wall. I heard her cuss under her breath and move faster, nearly pulling me off my feet. She had always slowed to my pace when we walked, but now it was life and death and the pace needed to move faster.

I met Malery on the streets, literally. Down a small side-street, I headed home one dreary night and found her lying unconscious in the gutter. One of her feet had actually disappeared down a storm drain. Carrying her to my apartment I attempted to care for the stranger, but she recovered on her own by sundown only to frantically claw at the walls like a caged animal. Eventually she calmed down enough to believe I meant her no harm. Only then did she tell me who and what she was. Only then did I realize I loved her.

Light broke through the treetops as we reached our destination: The Wall. Built long before my birth I knew not what lay beyond. But I knew the unknown could never compare to what lay behind – the cruelty of man, only seen when facing something new and unknown. Something like Malery.

With one leap she closed the distance and climbed the brick monument effortlessly. Reaching the top she turned and looked down. I wished we could stay like that forever and I would never fear forgetting her face. I held back stiff tears as I looked from her eyes to the trail of blood from her mouth down her neck. I couldn’t believe she lost control and hurt someone. But the sirens outside my apartment early that morning left little room for doubt.

Trying to sound strong I looked up at her fearlessly. “You’ll come back, right? You said you wouldn’t die for me, but I won’t rot in prison for you.”

Smiling her small smile she nodded. “You won’t have to.” With one last filthy look back at the city we fled she silently disappeared over the wall.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I heard crashing from behind and knew the police were near. Tackled to the ground and arrested, I began my patient wait to be rescued by what had come to be known as The Beast.


Greetings Followers!

Did you know? Yesterday was my birthday! This is good news except for the fact it took up the whole damn day! From work to celebrating with family and friends I had little time to pull something presentable together for this week. As such there will be no weekly short today. Posts will start back up next week if they know what’s good for them!

As always thank you for your continued interest and support. I truly appreciate it.

Sincerely, April Schomberg