Side Mirror Girl

This is a story. Well obviously this is a story, but it’s a story about a boy who loved a girl. Yeah, it’s one of those stories. I’m the boy. Alissa is the girl. I’ve known her since middle school. We’re in our twenties now. I’ve had a crush on her since the beginning of course.

“Hey kid,” her voice sparks over the phone. “Come out with me tonight. I’ll buy you a drink.” I agree without hesitation. I would do anything for Alissa.

I’m going to get kind of mushy here. Really, I would do anything for this girl. I see her flirt with and date other guys while I seemingly and perpetually am stuck in the friend-zone. At first it was really frustrating and I tried to get over her. I’ve tried crushing on a few other girls and even went out on a date once. But it’s no use. No matter how far apart we are I feel like she’s always with me, in that warm and fuzzy sort of way.

She’s waiting outside the bar for me, plain t-shirt and jeans. Just the way I like her. She greets me with a hug and we walk into the bar. Sitting at a table I already know what is coming. Recently she’d been seeing this guy with a nice car. A really nice car. I love Alissa, but sometimes she can be really stupid.

Two drinks in and I hear the whole story, beginning to end. Of course they got into an argument, of course something was thrown, of course they broke up. Hadn’t I warned her about guys like that? She glares at me from across the table and hits me on the shoulder. I laugh and tell her she’s better off without him, that some other guy who’s perfect for her will walk into her life before she knows it and give her everything she’s ever wanted.

A few hours pass and we’re both drunk. We walk outside and sit on the curb for fresh air, conversation reduced to little catches of daily life here and there. She leans over and rests her head on my shoulder. “I’m glad you came out with me tonight,” she says with a contented sigh. I glance down at her and feel my heart skip a beat. What would she do if I confess, right here and now? If I told her how I feel and for how long I’ve wanted her but been too scared to say so. What would she do?

“Come on, let’s get you home.” I say, lifting her up by the arms, slinging one over my shoulder as we walk down the street. I remain silent, as does she. There is no reason to confess. She already knows my feelings. But that’s ok. Even if someday we grow apart and go our separate ways. Just being here and now with her, isn’t that enough?

*NOTE: Based on the song “Side Mirror Girl” by Louie feat. Sanchez