New Story Coming at You!

Long time no talk!

I have a treat coming to you soon (soon as in tomorrow soon). It’s a short story that I do believe is the best things I’ve written to date. I’m beyond excited to share it with you.

I know I haven’t been active in quite some time, and this will continue for a few more months. But! Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll get back to updating on a regular basis. Keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime, as I said, I’m planning on putting up a new short story tomorrow. As always, thank you for your interest and support. It means the world.

Forever and always,


Update/ Take Me Too

*Note: Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been updating much lately. I’ve hit a bit of a busy streak and haven’t had much time or energy to spare. This blog is still active though! I can’t guarantee a consistent upload schedule, but just know there will still be updates. With that out of the way, here’s a little something I’ve been thinking of for a while and finally wrote down. If I could draw a straight line this would be a children’s book. Maybe someday!

Take Me Too

In a distant land there lived an old, scrunched up woman. She lived in a rickety old shack just outside of town. Every morning she walked the long road into town with a knobby walking stick in one hand and a scratchy potato sack in the other. She walked through the streets looking for road-kill—you know, the poor little critters hit by cars. Turtles, birds, squirrels, raccoons, possums, rabbits, snakes, cats, deer, and yes, even a dog or two. She gathered all these up in her potato sack with care, overlooking not even the smallest of rodents. All the town’s people laughed at the old woman. “She’s a witch!” They cried. “She cooks them in a big pot and eats them!” The old woman paid the people no mind and continued with her task. When the light faded from the sky she began the long trek home.

What the town’s people didn’t know is that the old scrunched up woman really was a witch, and once home she did indeed dump the animals into a big pot over a fire. With the addition of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a good stirring or two… The animals began to crawl and fly out of the pot! The witch didn’t cook and eat the animals (she was in fact a stout vegetarian) but instead brought them back to life, good as new! You see, this witch was one of the good ones, and possessed a heart so pure and kind she took pity on those animals whose lives ended so abruptly. The revived animals stayed with the witch and she looked after them all her days, teaching them the importance of patience and looking both ways before crossing a street.

P.S. Wow! I’m so close to 200 followers! That’s crazy! Once again, thank you to every single one of you for giving my writing the time of day. It means the world.


Hey guys, I wanted to let you know there will not be a new post this week. I’ve been working on a short story collection and finally! finished it early this morning (1am I think?). Next comes the query letter. We’ll see how far that gets me.

Now that the bulk of the work is done hopefully life will settle down a bit and a new post will be up next Thursday. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!



Hey ya’ll,

There won’t be an update this Thursday as it is Thanksgiving! You should spend your time with loved ones and food instead of the internet :p The conclusion to The Exorcist Chronicles will be up next week.

As always thanks for the attention and time you give to the things I write. This year I’m thankful for that!

From me to you,

April Schomberg

Happy October

Happy October everyone!

Starting this week I’ll begin posting a short story which will last us well into the holiday season. I actually wrote this story a year ago this month and have been saving it until now. Let me elaborate. Last Halloween I watched The Exorcist for the first time. Whoa did it freak me out. In order to get over my freaked-outness I of course turned to writing, crafting a story both a bit serious and a bit silly.

Regardless of your opinions on demonic possession I hope you enjoy.

Best wishes and festivities,

April Schomberg

Made Some Changes, I Wanna Discuss Them

Recently I worked out some much needed updates to the blog to make it a bit more operational. I added some handy-dandy links on the side, switched up the color scheme, and changed the name of the blog. Yay! I may do a bit more here and there. We shall see… In the mean time, is there anything you think should be done or changed? I’m open to suggestions!

Only Words

“I met a man.”

“Really? Tell me everything.”

“Well… It was Saturday night,”

“Oh my God! You were at a club, weren’t you?”


“Oh, I can see it now. The lights are dim, the strobes are high, and there he is. Shirt unbuttoned, sweat dripping, skin glistening. He slowly makes his way across the dance floor, bedroom eyes in full effect, hips─”

“We weren’t at a club.”

“So a coffee shop, right? I can see it now. You’re sitting by the window, the night life outside dewy with rain. Did it rain Saturday night? He walks in, white shirt soaked so every muscular detail shines through. He looks at you, you look at him. He approached your table, hips swaying─”

“Why are you going on about hips so much?”

“It’s been awhile…”

“No hips. None whatsoever.”

“Is there at least a puppy involved? He was walking his new puppy and it got off the leash and ran to you sort of thing?”

“Actually we met through work.”

“Oh, so some secret broom-closet action huh?”


“Not at all?”

“It was a business dinner. He’s from the next department over. We sat next to each other and really hit it off. Nothing more happened, but we’re meeting next week for lunch.”

“Can you do me a favor and pay attention to his hips this time, please?”

“I’ll make sure to request he wears a white shirt too.”